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Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Design
Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Clearance
Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Construction
Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Sheeting

Turnkey Door Solutions

Every bi-fold door is built to meet your dimensions and concept and can be delivered, installed and regularly serviced by one company - AeroDoor.

Bi-Fold Door Clearance

We can supply bi-fold doors that offer a higher "clear opening" than other bi-fold hangar door manufacturers. This will allow you to reduce the height of your new hangar (saving $) or increase access.

Unbeatable Design

Class A513 steel tubing on the door, heavy gauge steel tubing for the door trusses and strong factory welded leaf type hinges deliver a tough, resilient bi-fold door system.

Sheeting & Insulation *

The type of sheeting and insulation you choose is your choice. This means the bi-fold door can be modeled to suit any new or replacement hangar door project.

Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Seals
Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Engineering
Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Motor
Aircraft Hangar Bi-Fold Door Installation


Quality weatherstripping at the top, bottom and between door frame and building jamb allows our customers to control the temperature of the hangar if necessary and prevent dust or sand intrusion.

Bi-Fold Door Engineering

All bi-fold doors are designed and engineered to meet local building code and wind load requirements. Signed and sealed delivery permits can be delivered when necessary.

Bi-Fold Door Upgrades *

Choose the hydraulic lift upgrade to increase the speed for a reduced cycle time! The door will travel 2-times faster than standard gearbox driven bi-folds doors that are sold by other bi-fold hangar door manufacturers.

Installation & Service

AeroDoor has a dedicated service division to provide hangar door installations, repairs and upgrades on most brands of hangar door. When you choose AeroDoor, you're getting a guarantee that you'll to be looked after for a lifetime.

*Not a standard feature.



Bi-Fold Door


A steel, horizontal folding bi-fold door system. Suitable for new or existing aircraft hangars or other.

Maximum Width:


Maximum Height:

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Wind & Building Codes:




Coating Finish:



Bi-Fold door hinges connect to header of your building.


ASTM 500 hot rolled structural steel with A500 truss systems.


Engineered with signed permits to meet local building and wind codes.


All drawings and engineering included unless specified.


ASP-4035 3.5 VOC Red Primer or similar.



Further Information:
























Strong welded steel frame assured long life.


Strong factory welded leaf type hinges installed to the top of the door and the centerline of the door.


Roller wheels on the bottom of the door are solid steel with sealed roller bearing inserts.


Aircraft grade operating cables provide a 5:1 safety factor and include a lifetime warranty.


Electrical control unit is furnished and factory installed with electrical safety disconnect and position on the door in a location to meet requirements of N.E.C. Section 513.


Pulley free design minimizes cable wear and promotes safe bi-fold door operation.

Doors shipped fully assembled for fast, easy installation.


3-Year : Steel door, steel framework, fixtures and workmanship.

Lifetime : 7/32" aircraft grade bi-fold cables.


All specifications listed on this page are subject to change without prior notice.

What you will receive...


Your personalized Bi-Fold door

built to your specific requirements.




3-Year Warranty on workmanship


Lifetime warranty on bi-fold cables


Fixtures and fittings


Copy of engineering and permits where necessary


Installation guide and access to AeroDoors installation helpline.



Bi-fold Door Installation...


AeroDoor's installation division can remove and take away your old door before installing your new bi-fold aircraft hangar door.

Bi-Fold Hangar Doors


A bi-fold hangar door that is strong, dependable and can now offer up to 24-inches more access to your building than any other bi-fold door on the market. That’s more clearance for the same size of door as our competitors - or opportunity to reduce the height that your building needs to be.


This bi-fold hangar door can replace existing sliding or overhead doors without sacrificing door opening clearance or changing the roof line. A double strength center hinge design eliminates sagging in the center of the door and optional patented auxiliary arms allow a higher clear opening than other bi-fold door manufacturers. The strong welded steel frame and trusses will withstand high winds and ‘no nonsense components’ make this a low to zero maintenance door for every aircraft hangar or building that needs long lasting and dependable big doors.


Cables used on the bi-fold door are aircraft grade cables with a 5:1 safety factor and we are so confident these cables are the safest out there we include a lifetime warranty. Something you may not find from other bi-fold hangar door manufacturers.


All bi-fold doors are compatible with new or existing buildings and can be installed on most types of structure including steel, timber frame, post and concrete. All bi-fold doors are designed and engineered to meet the owners building and wind load requirements and can be delivered to site or delivered, installed and commissioned.


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Built to fit your opening Every hydraulic door is individually designed, engineered and manufactured to your exact specifications.
Hydraulic Door Safety Your door is designed to perform in your territory. It shall not fall if a hydraulic line bursts or leaks and components are UL approved.
The right materials Hydraulic doors are manufactured using proven materials to deliver longevity, strength and minimum loads on your hangar.
Sheeting & Insulation * Sheeting & insulation is your choice. Choose 26-gauge steel or use leading thermal, energy efficient wall panel solutions.