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Not just a better bi-fold door.
But we give you 12-24 inches more clearance under your door.
Bifold door for existing hangar construction
Gain more clearance with our bifold door

Designing a bi-fold door that minimizes the loss of clear opening space is no small task. Engineers designed a patent protected bi-fold door whereby the lower door leaf raises higher, giving you more clear opening space underneath your door.

You get 12-24 inches more headroom clearance to move things in and out of your hangar, compared to your neighbor who bought the same size bi-fold door from another manufacturer.

Did we mention this thing is famously simply to install?

Bifold door for existing hangar construction
Less is more.
Lower your new building design by
at least 12-24 inches.

A bi-fold door that gives you more clear opening allows you to reduce the eave height of your building.  Only you or your building manufacturer will know what that saving you’re going to make, but AeroDoor see it is an advantage today, and in the future:

Lower building costs •
Lower installation costs •
Lower heating / cooling costs •
Lower lighting costs •
Lower carbon footprint •
 Beat planning restrictions •

Our bifold door can lower your hangar construction costs
More clearance.

Get bigger equipment under your door for the same size door as your neighbors.

Lifetime Warranty.

The cables that lift the door exceed a 5:1 safety factor and carry a lifetime warranty.


Faster and simple to install because we do the hard work before we ship your bifold door.