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Selecting the right hangar door is a big decision,
but it shouldn't be made difficult.

When we begin work on a new bottom rolling door project, we consider every element that defines the most usable hangar space for our clients — size, cost, door configuration, operating speed, and design efficiency. And we challenge ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer it. When we put it all together, the results are a something radically different from anything anybody else can offer.

AeroDoor began in 1978, and we've been manufacturing bottom rolling doors ever since. We specialize in hangar doors for MRO, FBO, Corporate, Military, Commercial and private hangars, boat manufacturers, shipyards, and mining corporations.

A starting point for everybody.

We offer the full package, from design engineering and manufacturing, to door installation and preventative maintenance contracts.
The door hardware that moves our doors is strong and powerful, and AeroGlide, our range of rubber tire motor operators are fabricated to deliver smooth and simple door operation.

Our 44,000-square-foot facility is responsible for the manufacturing of our bottom rolling doors, motor operators and door hardware. Our sales and engineering offices are connected to this building which plays a key role in communication with clients. Because education is a great equalizer we invest heavily in our people and take pride in what we build. Our fabricators are certified welders, our engineers can seal doors in any state, and every door, it's hardware and components must pass a rigorous quality control checklist before we release it for shipment.
Design & Engineering
We strive to produce bottom rolling doors that are the best they can be in every way. Doors that are strong, easy to use and long lasting. This passion and innovation starts with our engineering team and project managers. They work directly with client, contractor and engineers, building a solid level of communication that leads to a successful project and a client who will work with us again.
Experienced and bondable hangar door experts with over 30-years experience in the installation of bottom rolling doors and tail doors. Our installation crews have the maturity, background and insurance to work on any airport or government military base. We work in cohesion with general contractor to develop a concise plan that will ensure a successful installation and end user operator training program.
Service & Maintenance
Convenient on-site services for private or commercial aircraft hangars of all sizes. Industry specific knowledge and experienced technicians can service, repair or replace parts on any brand of bottom rolling door. Door panels removed from tracks due to freak weather can be reinstated to minimize downtime and ownership costs. Our preventative maintenance programs, offer a sure way to minimize in life service costs and certify safe door operation.

Everybody's style, taste and budget are different. So we offer a hangar door configuration for every possible scenario. Even your own personal design or idea will be considered.

AeroDoor's project managers will work with you to finalize the most cost effective and design efficient hangar door, that maximizes the clear opening space within your building.

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What's truly great about our bottom rolling doors
is what you can do with them to accommodate the needs of modern day hangar construction.

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